Friday, October 26, 2007

Grilled Chicken Salad Pitas

Blake and I have decided that living among Greeks and other Mediterranean cultures is pretty awesome -- they all make the best food! This isn't actually Mediterranean, persay, but it uses pitas from the fabulous Mediterranean grocery up the block from our apartment, so I figure that has to count for something.

- fresh
pitas, preferably, if you can swing a trip to New York, from the Mediterranean grocery up the block
- prepared chicken salad (see below)
- Swiss cheese
- leaf of green leaf or romaine lettuce
- sliced tomatoes
- dab of ranch dressing

Slice pita in half, cut open. Stuff with slice of Swiss cheese and chicken salad. Grill in a frying pan until the pita is satisfyingly crisp. Then, stuff with lettuce, tomatoes, and top with that dab of ranch dressing.

To make Lindsay's Famous "Fake It 'Til It Tastes Right" Chicken Salad, boil a piece of boned chicken breast until cooked through, then separate the good meat from the bones and skin. Shred chicken, and add mayo and pickle relish to your desired consistency.

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